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PLC Control Panel overview

PLC,programmable logic controller (PLC) programmable control cabinets, control cabinet refers to a set of control cabinets, motor, switch the electrical cabinet.
PLC control cabinets with overload, short circuit, lack of protection, such as protection. It has compact structure, stable working, fully functional. Size can be controlled according to the actual regulatory touch, combined, can achieve a single Cabinet control can also be achieved through industrial Ethernet or industrial field bus network distributing (DSC) control system. PLC control cabinets can adapt to various sizes of industrial automation and control applications. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, paper-making, environmental protection, sewage treatment and other industries.
PLC control cabinet can be complete machine automation and process automation control, achieve the perfect network functionality, stability, scalability, strong anti-jamming performance characteristics, is the heart and soul of modern industry. Can according to user's demand for designing PLC control cabinets, frequency counters, and so on, to meet user requirements, and can be used with human-machine interface touch screen, achieve the purpose of easy operation. PC the device can be used with DCS bus Modbus and PROFIBUS communication protocols, such as data transmission electrical machine, Ethernet implementation of control and monitoring. [1]
typical application: constant pressure water supply system, air compressor, fan and water pump, central air conditioning, boilers, papermaking machinery, port machinery, machine tools, food machinery and so on.

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