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The structure and principle of variable frequency pump control cabinet

variable frequency pump controller works as follows:
directly from municipal pipe network water pools (boxes). As: various building of ground reservoir of water, ground boiler of cold water fill water, ground air conditioning system cooling water cycle pool of fill water, ground hot cycle pool of fill water, fire and spray got dedicated ground reservoir of water. intelligent frequency constant pressure water energy-saving control cabinet, frequency water energy-saving control cabinet assumed whole system by four Taiwan pump, a Taiwan frequency device, a Taiwan PLC of and of PID and a pressure variable sent device and the several auxiliary parts constitute. Function of each part are as follows: installed in the supply line to convert the pressure transmitter pressure 1-5-volt signals; frequency converter for adjusting the pump speed to regulate the flow; PLC used in logic.
in addition, the system is also equipped with peripheral circuits, automatic control system fails to protect manual ways that you can keep the system running and ensure continuous production.

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