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PLC control cabinet structure

PLC control cabinets generally include the following five parts:
air switch

a total of air switch, the power control of the entire Cabinet. Believe that every cabinet must be one thing.

this to choose according to project needs. Figuratively-engineering small direct is an integrated PLC but if project may need module, card type, and may also require redundancy (that is, two sets of alternating).
power supply

a 24VDC power supply, most of the PLC with a 24VDC power supply, depending on whether you really need to decide whether you want to the switching power supply.

General PLC are instructions directly in the control loop, but it may also relay relay. As an analogy, if you charged 24VDC PLC output, but you draw required PLC control circuit for nodes is 220VAC, then you must be in the PLC outputs plus a relay, the relay when the command is issued, but keep the control circuit after the node receiving the relay normally open or normally closed points. Also select whether to use the relay.

This is certainly essential things for each cabinet according to the number of signals can be configured. If Basic is just a simple PLC control cabinets need these things, if you also need other things within the control cabinet will increase. For example, you might want to live instruments or small control box power supply, you probably need to increase the number of open. To PLC first or you may need to increase switch or something. As the case may be.


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