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Overview of Inverter control cabinet

Inverter control cabinet is technical staff fully absorb domestic and foreign advanced experience of pump control, after many years of production and application, and constantly improve after optimization, carefully designed together.
frequency conversion controlling cabinet with overload, short circuit, lack of protection, as well as leakage of pump body, motor overheating and leakage

protection function and focus on status, and with a single pump and pump control mode, toggle multiple master pump and start mode. Can be widely applied to industrial and agricultural production and construction of water supply, drainage, fire protection, spray pipe Net booster as well as HVAC automatic control for hot and cold water circulation and many other occasions.
frequency conversion controlling Cabinet internal quality, appearance and durability, easy installation and operation, all kinds of pumps safe and reliable partner.
typical application: constant pressure water supply system, air compressor, fan and water pump, central air conditioning, boilers, papermaking machinery, port machinery, machine tools, food machinery and so on.


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