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Frequency conversion controlling cabinet features

1, frequency conversion controlling Cabinet power supply switching and protection
Inverter control cabinet design usually have circuit breaker components, it connects the line power supply can help Inverter control cabinet complete the circuit switching operation, and to appear in the circuit and inverter short circuit or overload protection. In addition frequency counters can also cut off the power supply when the motor maintenance guarantee the safety of the operator.
2 frequency conversion speed, frequency conversion controlling Cabinet
Inverter control cabinet Control Panel is provided with variable frequency speed regulation potentiometer, according to operator's output frequency to motor transport command signals to control motor speed. Variable frequency control products within the Cabinet is provided with power frequency switching function, to ensure that the inverter fails, through automatic control circuit switches the motor variable frequency power back.
3, frequency conversion controlling Cabinet direct control
frequency conversion controlling Cabinet Cabinet body design display equipment and operator panel, it connected with the electrical components inside the inverter control cabinet can visualize frequency conversion controlling Cabinet running, and to facilitate operator control frequency conversion device running, and motor control equipment for field operations.
frequency conversion controlling Cabinet Cabinet body, also has a variety of instruments and indicators, such as voltmeter, ammeter, frequency tables, and power indicator lights, warning lights, running lights, power led, and so on. Running and operation status of the inverter control cabinet can be directly on the response in the instrument and indicator, realize the inverter status monitoring.
4 safety protection function, frequency conversion controlling Cabinet
Inverter control cabinet, including converters of various electrical components Cabinet body, thus reducing the extent of external environmental influences on electrical components and reduce the pollution degree of the electrical components, reduce the risk of electric shock of Inverter control cabinet operator, so it has better security result.


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