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Principle and characteristics of material level controller

operation principle:
material level controller is the use of micro-motor-driven device that is connected to the drive shaft and the clutch, when no contact material, motor functioning, when the blade contacts material, the motor stops turning, and outputs contact signal detection device, and cut off the power supply stopped. When the materials fall leaves the resistance disappears, torsion spring back to their original state detection device. Torque can be adjusted in size proportion according to different materials.

products features:
1, and imports motor performance reliable, can long time continuous running;
2, and unique oil seal design can anti-dust along axis into,
3, and torque stable reliable, and torque size can regulation;
4, and leaves bear overweight load Shi, motor Rotary institutions will automatically skid, protection not by damaged;
5, and continued specifications, and leaves, and length are can accept custom.



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